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A pressure tank is used to store water that an electric pressure pump pumps to. The pressure tank is usually a cylindrical or rectangular shaped material that can hold thousands of gallons. This material has a top opening that has one or more release valves and usually a bottom opening that closes off the pressure tank from the exterior. There are some tanks that have been reinforced with steel walls and these are used for very large pressure vessels. 

 If you choose to install or repair your own pressure tank then you should have basic knowledge about pressure tank services as well as general plumbing. First of all you will need to have access to the pressure tank itself. You should make sure that you have access to the tank so that you can empty it without having to use a ladder. If you are unsure of how to get access to the pressure tank then you should contact your pressure tank manufacturer or dealer. Make sure that you understand how to safely remove the pressure tank in the event of an emergency. 

 Some pressure tank services companies at this website offer mobile pressure tank cleaning services that are perfect for contractors, engineers and other individuals that work around the construction or repair areas of pressure tanks. The pressure tank is typically placed on the ground in an area that is secure. In order to clean the pressure tank you would need to unplug it and locate it on the ground where the pressure tank is secured. Some pressure tank cleaning companies also offer special equipment that would be necessary for the cleaning process. 

After locating the pressure tank on the ground you will need to have a bucket with a long handle attached to it. It's best to have a bucket with at least two handles as this is much easier to manage when you are trying to empty the tank. If the pressure tank is secured in an area then you can begin to empty the tank by lifting the lid and wiggling the handle of the bucket in a circular motion in a downward direction in order to gain access to the tank. Discover more facts about plumbing at http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/637296/water-supply-system

 After obtaining access to the tank, you'll need to fill the bucket with the water and clean out the bottom area. Once the pressure tank has been cleaned and all sediment and dirt removed from the bottom of the tank you should close the lid. It's best to keep the pressure tank services company inside the area in order to prevent the pressure tank from being tampered with while it is being cleaned. If you attempt to open the pressure tank without permission from the pressure tank services company the tank could explode and cause injury to those within the immediate vicinity. 

 After the pressure tank has been cleaned and the dirt removed from the bottom of the tank it is important to fill the bucket with clean water in order to rinse off the dirt and sediment before returning the pressure tank to its place on the earth. Make sure to rinse any residue with water as well. If you are using a pressure tank services company from this page, make sure that they use high pressure to completely clean the tank. After the tank has been cleaned and the residue removed it is important to add a couple of quarts of dechlorinated water to the tank in order to begin the de-chlorination process.                                                            

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